Bilateral NDA Template

Small Businesses Apr 05, 2020

A Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is often used so that you can explore getting into a partnership with someone through sharing information that is potentially confidential.

A good NDA is fit for purpose

A good NDA use simple language, is easy to understand, and helps you open doors to opportunities while adequately protecting your mutual interests.

The last thing you want is an unnecessarily complex NDA because it can backfire, and deter people from working with you. You may be limiting your business opportunities without knowing it.

Claver’s Bilateral NDA Template

Claver provides a standard bilateral NDA template if you have an account with us. It's a template available to everyone, including our free basic plan users! You only have to fill up a couple of customizable fields and send it out for review and sign off within minutes. The best part - this can all be done digitally and virtually.

Our template is currently used by many active startups and small business owners. Many of them are pretty happy with it with no complaints so far!

Our Bilateral NDA template is available for free ($0). Get yourself a free Claver account here and you are good to go.

Applicable For
Startups, Freelancers, Small Business Owners, Individuals for routine situations

What is CLAVER?

Claver helps you set up DIY fit-for-purpose Agreements easily, quickly, and affordably.  Simpler is always better.

To find out more about what Claver is doing, please visit us at our website. Or better still, talk to us directly on our Telegram Channel!

Team Claver

"Team Claver" is a team effort; used when one of us has something worthy of sharing to post. Thought leaders will "graduate" and write from their own accounts soon enough!

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