New Product Feature: Reputation

Product Nov 20, 2020

Hey everyone, Claver is very pleased to be announcing the release of the Claver Reputation feature. Sort of an announcement of a soft-launch of the feature in open beta-testing.  

What is Reputation?

The Reputation feature is exactly what the name suggests - a badge that displays how trustworthy a particular business or individual is, based on its track record of honoring agreements.

What can I use the Claver Reputation for?

For example, if you are a freelancer, and you are about to sign a start-work-agreement with this new client, it is very likely you want to know whether this client has a history of breaking his promises or had problems with payments with other freelancers.

Claver would display how many agreements this client (or any users really) had, and how many of them were completed successfully. The more agreements he has and successfully completed, the better his reputation will be. And a better reputation means it'll be unlikely that you have issues with this client. It doesn't matter that he's unknown to you. You can use Claver to leverage on the social proof through the other agreements he had signed on Claver!

Conversely, if you are a small business (SMB), and you've built a great Reputation, you want your clients & suppliers to know that you are a trusted entity, and is able to secure the deal more easily, or negotiate for better terms. Your SMB reputation is such an invaluable asset, espeically if you don't have the marketing budget to do multi-year branding campaigns as blue-chip companies do. We can all be - ahem - clever/Claver about it (pun intended).

Where do I find it inside Claver?

The Reputation tag appears when an Agreement has been drafted, and it's time to sign the agreement.

Claver Reputation: Know whether your business contact is trustworthy BEFORE signing the deal

If you want to know the Reputation of the party you are signing the agreement with, simply just check his reputation out. Then, decide whether you want to commit into the working relationship BEFORE signing an agreement. If you ever find out that a party has a dubious reputation, you might want to think twice about signing that Agreement.

This business persona built based on actual actions (and not bought reviews) is pretty nifty isn't it?

How can I try this out?

Get a free Claver account to experience it for yourself - once you've a business profile, you should have a Reputation on its own already. In fact, the earlier you create a Reputation for your business, the better it'd be. Use this headstart to start building your aspired business persona, rather than being shown as a 'Newbie' on the day when you really need it.

The feature is available for all - free and paid users - to check out.

Fun fact: Unlike Baldur's Gate 3's Early Access, this early access to building a   Reputation for your business on Claver costs you $0! We'll chalk this up as a win when pitting our new SaaS product against a corporate big-budgeted video game 🙃

Team Claver

Among with Kevin C.

"Team Claver" is a team effort; used when one of us has something worthy of sharing to post. Thought leaders will "graduate" and write from their own accounts soon enough!

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