Claver's Agreement TL;DR Feature

Product Sep 30, 2020

Signing an Agreement is easy right? Just read and sign - nothing to write home about.

That's what I used to think when I started my own business and business activities picked up. Whenever I am asked to sign NDAs or Agreements, I often experienced 2 things which I think applies to many others:

  1. Business professionals do not want to sign off Agreements that are confusing, or takes too long to comprehend.
  2. People are sentient beings with feelings. Most do not feel they are trusted when asked to sign overly complex Agreements.

The whole complex legal setup currently benefits the legal professionals, but the User Experience for everyone else was really poor. Consider this simple example - if it takes me more than 15 minutes to comprehend a complex NDA - to explain something as basic as “do not tell my stuff to others”, I would also suspect there could be hidden items that may undermine my interests.

This invaluable insights shaped what I think should be included in Claver as a a digital service for business owners that can delivering a better User Experience balancing the much desired need for essential business needs (strike easy-to-understand agreements), and formal legal protection (legalese that protects business interests). With the advent of technology, I realise Claver can be in the position to do both using a 2-in-1 feature -  the TLDR mode.

What is TL;DR, and what is Claver doing with it?

TLDR simply means Too Long Didn’t Read. Essentially it is the internet-era speak for  “Tell me this thing accurately in 1-2 lines”.

Claver improves the User Experience through having TL;DRs for key clauses within the Agreement, letting you understand the essentials and the spirit of the Agreement in a straight-forward manner.

BEFORE :: Original Legal Text Wall 
AFTER :: TLDR Mode On! Same section but condensed into the most important point.

Hold up. Is the Agreement still legally recognized then?

In short, yes - your Agreement continues to be legally recognised.

Claver TLDR feature adds an overlayer to your Agreement solely to help with human understanding and improving readability. Turning the TLDR mode on condenses key sections in an Agreement into 1 or 2 line summaries, explaining them in simple words.

The Agreement that you would be signing would still be the copy written in its original legal format to ensure its legal integrity. As such, it does not impact any legal rights that is afforded to both parties in dispute situations.  

The aim is to turn an Agreement that takes 30 minutes to review, into something that can be understood in 3 to 5 minutes! With Claver TLDR mode, your decision making proccess can be so much more concise while still retaining the legal protection - a pretty powerful combination!

Where can I experience this for myself?

So, what do you think? If you are a business owner, an agent or a freelancer, would you find this useful in your daily business activities?  If you want to see it for yourself, sign up for a free Claver account and give it a run; experience it for yourself and see how it helps you build better business relationships with your partners and clients.

Join our Telegram channel or send us a Twitter DM to tell us what you think! We would love to hear your ideas to see how we can make TLDR mode work even better for you.  


Team Claver

Among with Kevin C.

"Team Claver" is a team effort; used when one of us has something worthy of sharing to post. Thought leaders will "graduate" and write from their own accounts soon enough!

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