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Product Jul 29, 2020

Claver(“Clever!”) is a business productivity web application that helps business owners, agencies, and freelancers to manage their Agreements and Proposals digitally.

When Claver first began, COVID was less of a thing. However, the need for virtual business enablement products like Claver has now grown in relevance now that B2B activities are increasingly taking on digital forms. Business owners therefore not only require digital channels to reach its customer for marketing, but also separate channels to participate in business activities that are conducted digital. Consequently, the ability to prospect and officially close deals with Agreements becomes even more important than before.

Large businesses have recognised this early on, and invested heavily in building in-house solutions to digitally manage Agreements and Contracts. Smaller businesses also have the means to do it electronically, but you would know that the experience of doing so is subpar if you have ever done it yourself. Amongst all business productivity areas, it is one of the frequently overlooked and most definitely underserved area.

To demonstrate, let’s map out how a freelancer would handle Agreements over the internet today.

Default Method to Manage Agreements

  • [Freelancer] Search for a template
  • [Freelancer] Try to understand the legal language; figure out whether the template is fit for your purpose
  • [Freelancer] Customise it to fit her purpose (Copy #1: Digital)
  • [Freelancer] Prints out a PDF copy (Copy #2: Physical)
  • [Freelancer] Sign the printed out copy
  • [Freelancer] Scan the signed copy and produce a new PDF to store into device (Copy #3: Digital)
  • [Freelancer] Send the signed PDF copy to her Partner for processing
  • [Client] Reviews the PDF Agreement and tries to understand the terms in legal language
  • [Client] Prints out a paper copy (Copy #4: Physical)
  • [Client] Signs paper copy
  • [Client] Scans the signed copy back into another PDF file (Final Copy #5: Digital)
  • [Both] File the signed PDF copy into their respective local or cloud storage systems

Outcome (Default)

  1. Productivity: Tedious. Both parties have to juggle multiple (completed and incomplete)  copies of the same Agreement that are floating around.
  2. Time taken: A few days, possibly 1-2 weeks.
  3. Business Impact: Negative. Any party can drop out at any stage of the process. Longer processes means higher probability of deals falling through.

Against this backdrop, there's a lot of aspects to work with to come up with a better solution, especially one that is fit for freelancers & business owners to make their businesses next-gen ready.

Here's the re-imagined process that Claver envisioned and developed the web service with:

Digital Agreements With Claver

  • [Biz Owner] Pick a Agreement template provided in Claver
  • [Biz Owner] Create a digital Agreement by filling up template with custom information
  • [Biz Owner] Distribute digital Agreement to Counterparty within Claver.
  • [Biz Owner & Partner] Use Claver’s TLDR summary to present Terms in clear and transparent layman terms
  • [Biz Owner & Partner] Digitally sign the Agreement within Claver
  • [Biz Owner & Partner] Final signed Agreement is encrypted and available for retrieval by both Parties. PDF copies can be generated too if required.

Outcome (Claver)

  1. Productivity: Boosted. It's a shorter process. A unified, singular digital copy is  updated in real time during key events.
  2. Time Taken: Same day. Possibly less than an hour.
  3. Business Impact: Significantly improved. A verbal commitment can be translated to an official written one with Claver's tech enabled process that shortens the process and allowing to close the deal more quickly.

A Better User Experience for you and your Biz Partners

Through bundling the different tech services into a coherent tool, Claver presents a turnkey solution that includes customisable drafts through ready-to-go Agreement templates, a Text editor, PDF generator, built in digital signature service, and a cloud storage depository of your agreements. No setting up or maintenance to think about!

In July 2020, Claver was officially released and have since seen several business owners using it, telling us that they are starting to see the benefits. This brings us closer to our mission of bringing better working business solution to next-gen businesses which are relying more on technology to add value to their partners and clients.

With that, I hope there are more business owners who also see the imperative to start moving towards using digital Agreements, and that there is a strong reason for Claver to continue developing digital solutions fit for freelancers' and business owners' needs.

Get an account & try it

If you think Claver has the potential to help your business too, sign up for an  account and come explore inside.

PS: At the time of writing, there are still free all-access accounts available. Help yourself to one today:

Team Claver

Among with Kevin C.

"Team Claver" is a team effort; used when one of us has something worthy of sharing to post. Thought leaders will "graduate" and write from their own accounts soon enough!

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