What is Claver, and what can it do?

Product Dec 15, 2020

I get asked this question a lot when I first talk to people about Claver. In hindsight, I should have written an article that answers this exact question sooner, but hey, we all know 'later' better than 'never'.

So what does Claver do? Who is it made for? How is it doing things that would make things better for these people? Here we go.

What does Claver do? Who uses it?

Claver helps small business owners & freelancers draft & sign digital Agreements with their suppliers, clients and partners.

Claver will also help these business owners build their B2B business reputations, empowering them to demonstrate that they are trusted and reliable businesses to any future clients, suppliers, and partners.

What can Claver do?

TLDR Summaries

Issue: Owners of smaller businesses do not have a team of inhouse legal counsels nor a large budget to draft or help understand every single Agreement that they receive, especially for routine ones such as a Sales Contract, or an NDA.  

Claver's Solution: The TLDR mode condenses each Agreement template into bite-sized executive summaries containing the key points, written in simple lay-man language. This helps both you and your partner understand the key points quickly and accurately. Psychologically, this helps to build trust (nothing is hidden). Agreements that are clear and easy to understand get signed more quickly.  

The TLDR summaries do not replace the original legal text, but they are simply there as a 'companion booster pack' to actively support communications and understanding.

Agreement Templates

Claver contains ready templates drafted by legal professionals for common business Agreements. It is also expanding its library of templates for industries that we are working with.

The idea is that our Users don't have to scour the internet for 'free xyz agreement templates' anymore. They can pick one that is already vetted, fill in the necessary fields and send it out within minutes. If, however, you don’t need a template or can’t find one, you can still copy and paste your customised Agreement text into our Customised Agreement feature, and still send that out as a digital Agreement  for signatures. Nifty.

An Example of a Claver Template - "Sponsorship Agreement"

Digital Signatures

Issue: Costly, complicated e-signature solutions in the market that are designed for the needs of large corporations. Small businesses are overpaying for features and tiers that they don't use. Steep learning curve to set up the solution as well.

Claver's Solution: The entire digital signature solution is built in.  No configuration required.  


Issue: For small businesses, getting others to trust you is often an issue by itself, denying opportunities in a number of situations.  

Claver's Solution: Claver helps SMB owners build up a reptuation by helping to quanitfy and display how many agreements you've signed, and concluded successfully (or not!). This all feeds into aggregating a B2B Business Reputation that helps to project your SMB as a trusted business, opening up doors to better payment terms, lower prices, and better business terms with future business clients and partners.

Interestingly, using the Claver's Reputation  feature also help busines owners read into the Reputation of the other parties BEFORE signing the Agreement with them. This is a powerful paradigm shift because it allows you to avoid signing into a bad deal as a preventive measure, rather than signing a bad deal and hope to use costly legal redress as the default solution. It turns a costly reactive legal solution into a no-cost preventive risk management one. Preventing a bad deal almost always trumps fixing it.

End Agreement

If you need to end an Agreement that you don't need anymore, Claver lets you do it easily with your peers. Businesses need to actively indicate that they want to end Agreements, either because...

(a) it ended naturally and successfully. You want to keep as little legal responsibilities as possible to minimise business risks;

(b) your peer has breached the contract - you want to reflect this as a feedback mechanism that would be reflected in your peer’s reputation. It encourages all signing parties to honor their word.  

Closing Remarks

So those are Claver's key features at this moment.

For business owners and freelancers, this would be a more fit-for-purpose digital agreement solution to deal with their clients and partners. It cannot just be an e-signature solution. It cannot be a legal tech tool that provides templates only. It has to be the above mentioned features bundled together.

If you are a business owner  freelancer, Claver is here to help you meet your business goals with its robust digital Agreement handling tool, that can build your  B2B identity & business persona as a trusted entity.

So what do you think? Did Claver miss anything? I would love to hear from you if you have thoughts around this. Always happy to hear from you via a Tweet or DM!

Team Claver

Among with Kevin C.

"Team Claver" is a team effort; used when one of us has something worthy of sharing to post. Thought leaders will "graduate" and write from their own accounts soon enough!

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